No study without samples!

Profit from over 20 years of experience in human biosample procurement! Most of your needs will be covered by our biobank which contains over 100,000 biosamples as well as whole blood, plasma, and serum on a 10,000 litres scale. With urine, stool, liquor, tissue, sputum, saliva and swabs stored as well, we have virtually all relevant matrices available.


You require samples for your SARS-CoV-2 test development or validation?

We offer positive and negative cohorts, validation panels, distinction panels, normal collections, and screening panels!
All standardised and of course in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards!

in.vent Study Site

Usually even the acquisition of normal blood or plasma samples can be a challenge for CROs because of the need to rely on hospital staff and to ensure the integrity of the samples during transport. This is particularly risky as only slight alterations in pre-analytics can have significant effects on sample-composition.
(Within the natural circadian rhythm, the blood concentration of analytes such as catecholamines of hydroxycorticosteroids deviate from the 4-day average by over 50%.
Compressing of the vein for more than 2 minutes can increase concentrations of bilirubins, lactate dehydrogenase or alkaline phosphatase by 10%.
Only by a change of the patient’s position from lying to sitting just before sample collection the concentrations of adrenalin or renin can increase by 50%.)

ICS is independent of such uncertainties due to our company-own study centre. Thanks to this site – only 500 m distance from ICS premises – we are in complete control over all steps of pre-analytics and are able to perform blood-donation-days on demand. Our trained personnel will ensure your specifications regarding sample collection are complied with.

Our study centre allows us to conduct usability studies in a controlled, supervised surrounding. This is especially advantageous for rapid test validation since we can do the testing and take the samples for the routine laboratory in one go.

Targeted Procurement

Oftentimes a clinical study will require clinically defined samples with highly specific parameters. Particularly this kind of samples can create a highly problematic bottleneck.

The procurement of these samples is among our topmost specialities. Within the last 20 years of offering this service we have become Europe’s number one provider of such challenging biomaterial.

We collaborate with an extensive global network of physicians, hospitals, and medical centres to acquire the samples or recruit the probands with your requested specifications. In all of this we are following the highest international ethical and legal standards.

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